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If you wish to bring in treats for your child's birthday, please contact me a week in advance. Generally parties are scheduled near the end of the day (1:45-2:15). Please do not bring red juice.
Class Schedule
8:10-8:40 Physical Education or Music
8:45-10:15 Language Arts
10:15-11:45 Math
11:55-12:25 Lunch
12:30-1:00 Science
1:00-1:30 Computer Lab
1:30- 2:00 Social St.
2:00-2:10 Prepare for dismissal.
2:15 Student Dismissal
Students will alternate days between music and p.e. Students will need to purchase a recorder (may be purchased from the music teacher at a discount). Chorus is also available for students. Chorus students are expected to attend public performances.
Students will alternate days between p.e. and music. Students will need to wear gym shoes on p.e. days. Students should be dressed appropriately as p.e.will be outdoors when possible
Students will be dismissed from the west doors (Gilbert St.side). Students should wait on siblings on west side (Gilbert St.)of building. Please ask your child to cross streets at corners where we have an adult crossing guard.
In case of an emergency, please call:Office 444-1750 or our classroom 444-1764. For a weather emergency call:444-1725 or listen to the local radio stations for further information
Field Trips
Students must have a signed permission slip to attend field trips. Students who do not complete assigned work or who have displayed poor behavior will not be allowed to attend trips until work is completed or behavior has improved.
Progress Reports
Students are expected to bring back a signed progress report the day after that it has been sent home. The grades that appear on your child's progress report indicate their current grade. It does not mean that this grade cannot change before report cards come out. If you would like a conference after viewing your child's progress report. please contact me.
Last updated January 28, 2009