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The Danville Public School Foundation, founded in 1989, is a non-profit, tax-exempt public charity governed by a board of caring community volunteers operating independently of the Danville Community Consolidated School District #118. The Foundation seeks to build on the community's investment in Danville Public Schools by raising private funds to support new and creative educational programs for its 6000 students.

From the Foundation President:
Charles C. Hall ('65)

Charles C. Hall, President of the Danville Public Schools FoundationAs President of the Danville Public School Foundation, I want to extend a warm and affectionate greeting to all Danville public school alumni, teachers and administrators, both past and present, students, parents and friends.  The Foundation's purpose is to promote, aid and encourage educational purposes in support of and connected with Danville public schools. The Foundation is a separate entity from Danville School District #118; and, consequently, the Foundation is responsible for raising its own funds to operate and carry out its mission. The Foundation is proud to have assisted in raising substantial funds from donors to support the new Danville Community Athletic Complex. Foundation funds support the Artist in Residence Program in the elementary schools; and funds have been given on a continuing basis to provide instructional materials and other needed financial assistance to all Danville public schools. To continue its work, the Foundation needs your help and financial support. Foundation Board Members are community volunteers who have graSubscribe and Donate!ciously given their time and energy. It is an honor and privilege for me to serve as President of the Board. This experience has given me an opportunity to witness the depth of commitment demonstrated by our Danville public school teachers and administrators, and to also appreciate the efforts by and the achievements of our current Danville public school students. The accomplishments of our students throughout the entire history of the Danville public school system are truly special and unparalleled by school district of similar size. Thank you for your help and financial support.

Danville Public School Foundation - Officers and Directors
Dr. Wesley Bieritz Bill Fulton Claire Manning Julie Legg, Danville Education Association
Kim Campbell, Treasurer Charles C. Hall ('65), President Judy Myers Greg Hilleary, Board of Education ('77)
Gladys Davis ('56) Betty Holmes Phyllis Parks ('57) Mark Denman, Superintendent ('71)
Gary Dyar Esther Hopper Carol Olson, Secretary Bob Richard, Executive Director ('72)
Curt Ellis Michael Hulvey ('83) Deanna Witzel Mary Shutt, Coordinator
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